We have had a busy month. Lots of visitors and some better weather meant for some fun. We did have a few bouts of sickness, but overall we have had some very great memories. Our visitors even helped with a few house projects. 

First Dylan’s parents visited. 

Bowen even scored a sweet trike from his Papa D. 
Next up we got to enjoy Jill and Michelle. They were incredibly helpful!  

Michelle snuggled that baby and Jill entertained the big ones. They botched did so much around the house in such little time.

Our next visitors were the Pouchers! We had a total of 7 kids, and we had a blast. 


Kerry even freshed up my kitchen and entry!  Look at that amazing coat rack he made! 

Here are some other projects I finished up with the help of company.  I am terrible at taking before pictures, but the furniture was straight up 90s. The entry was dark red and the kitchen is now blue as well.



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  1. Love all the refinishes. But mostly love seeing pics of those adorable babies. Glad you had a good month with lots of fun company. Let the holiday season begin.


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